Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Kaleidoscope That is Columbia

Columbia is a vibrant kaleidoscope of multi-generational cultures and ethnicities and will be stronger if we work together to meet the needs of our community, While the quality of life is generally positive, there are disparities between various villages, neighborhoods, and families. Columbia Association (CA) should be committed to serving as the catalyst to unite its stakeholders. CA can accomplish this by creating a collaborative spirit that fosters strong relationships with the villages and state/local governments. Further, CA should invest the annual charge it receives from property owners to enhance the Open Space, and to provide recreational/community programing for a greater number of our neighbors and friends, especially children and teens.

 The CA Board members should ask questions. Board members should ask powerful and inspiring questions for which they don't know the answers and solicit the assistance of community leaders. To be clear, leaders should ask questions that invite our neighbors and community leaders to come together to explore new opportunities that Senior Leadership hasn't yet identified. Here are some examples:

  • What is a game-changing opportunity that could create more value for residents than we have delivered in the past?
  • What are the unmet needs of our villages, residents, and businesses that could provide for an entirely new service?
  •  How can CA leverage the resources of federal, state, and local governments to address a broader range of services for our residents and businesses.
  • How can we harness technology to create more visibility with our residents, businesses, and villages; giving them information on facilities and services to deliver more value and deepen trust with these same stakeholders?  
These questions should invite collaboration. To make the most of them, the questions should not be asked in closed board meetings. Instead, the questions should be asked throughout CA, the Village Associations, and other community leaders. Questioning should be amplified by the use of our website and social media. Reaching out beyond the Board of Directors and the Senior Leadership Team to connect with expertise and perspectives from a broader audience of more diverse sources will help us transform our programming faster. Encouraging participation in the governance process will contribute to a culture of seizing new opportunities and insights to address the challenges of today and  in the future. 

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